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About Me

I am a mother, a therapist and a lecturer. As well as working, I find joy in travelling to different countries and exploring strange places with my family. I find replenishment and a sense of life from the sea, animals and music.

People coming to therapy often ask me whether my work is draining or stressful. Of course, it can be at times, but for me being a therapist is a great source of joy and it is a real privilege to work with people, to be trusted, to watch people grow.

Therapists and their style and their reasons for training is so varied and I certainly found it hard to know how to choose the right therapist for me and it took some time. I have listed below something of my journey towards becoming a therapist.

My earlier training

People coming to therapy for the first time, ask: ‘does it work?’ My early training in psychology was about focussing on effective change and this is how I work as a psychotherapist.

Starting psychotherapy

Often people start therapy/counselling by realising that something is wrong and that they need some help. Perhaps looking at the Waterloo counselling website is a sign of you reaching out for support for the situation you are in? Perhaps you have experienced:

This was how my journey into psychotherapy began: A bereavement and difficulties in my relationships made me question my life and start personal therapy. I found someone I could trust, who was interested in understanding and change and enabled me to grow.

Eventually I realised that I wanted to be a therapist myself and started training.

At Waterloo counselling, I recognise that starting your own therapy is a big step and can be frightening as well as hopeful. Finding the right counsellor can enable you to understand yourself and start to use this understanding to develop a different image of yourself and stronger relationships. Good counselling can make a difference to your life (see the Testimonials page for client feedback).

What type of therapy is best?

One of the questions you will be asking in your search for psychotherapy may be, what type works best for me and what kind of person am I looking for? These are important questions.

The way I work is as a psychodynamic therapist offering both time-limited and ongoing therapy. You can read more about this on my Therapy page.

Whatever type of therapy you choose, it’s important to find someone who is well trained. I trained as a psychodynamic psychotherapist (with licence to practice) at WPF Therapy which is recognised as one of the leading psychodynamic and psychoanalytic training bodies in the UK.

Where I work — Waterloo Counselling

As well as finding the right person, it’s also important for you to find psychotherapy in a location that can be easily reached. Waterloo Counselling is easy to get to, about a ten-minute walk from Waterloo or Elephant and Castle.

People come to see me for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps you are struggling in your relationship or you are feeling low self-worth? As a psychodynamic practitioner, I'll work together with you to understand the reasons for this and to work towards making changes that enable you to live a more fulfilled and happy life. We think about whether you would be more suited to ongoing or time-limited work and whatever you choose, I'll work with you in a safe empathetic way in which you can explore, change and grow. For more information on how the therapy works, please see the Therapy page.

Other work

I also hold workshops and supervision groups. For more information, please see the Workshops and supervision page.

A safe space

My approach is to offer a safe, grounded and empathetic space where people can explore who they are and think about change. I am a member of BACP and UKCP and adhere to their code of ethics.

Contact me

A first step is to email me or give me a call on 07816779901. We can discuss whether counselling would be helpful, or you can make a first appointment to meet me.