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Welcome to my website Waterloo Counselling. My name is Natasha de Meric and I am a psychotherapist and counsellor and see clients and trainees in my practice space in Waterloo for:

Are you looking for counselling/therapy?

Perhaps you are looking at this site because you are struggling? It’s a positive start to reach out for help. There could be many reasons why you need support, such as:

Whatever the reason, seeking help from a counsellor/therapist is a positive and effective choice in enabling you to understand yourself and to grow and change, rather than feel stuck.

What will it be like?

It is important that you choose a therapist or counsellor who is right for you, as well as being trained and experienced. You can read a little about who I am on the About Me page.

I work as a psychodynamic counsellor and therapist and offer time-limited and ongoing counselling to clients. My Counselling and therapy page gives a description of how I work. If this is your first experience of therapy and counselling, you may feel unsure of what to expect or what the process is like. To give you some sense of what it may be like to come for counselling or therapy, some of my clients have very kindly offered to give an honest feedback of their experience. Clients' experience can be found on the Client feedback page.

Affordable counselling & therapy

I offer time limited and ongoing therapy and counselling. Some people choose time-limited counselling as a way of finding support but keeping with to a set amount of sessions, so that it is affordable and manageable. You can read more about time-limited therapy on the Counselling and therapy page.

I have affordable low-cost counselling spaces available if you are on a low wage, in education or on benefits. Please contact me by email or phone to ask about affordable rates.

Are you looking for supervision?

If you are a counselling/therapy trainee or a practising counsellor, it’s important for you to have good supervision. You will need to find a supervisor who you feel suits your way of working and who is experienced.

I work with you in developing a deeper understanding of your client’s issues and your relationship with your client. We think about finding new understanding and different approaches to best support your client. I also think with you about your own support, self-care and understanding. I have had four years of experience in supervising trainee counsellors.

I aim to offer a reduced fee to trainees and people on a low income so that supervision is affordable for you and your situation. You can contact me by email or phone me on 07428939946 to ask more about affordable rates for supervision. To find out more about supervision, have a look at the Supervision and seminars page.

Do you want to attend seminars?

I have been holding lectures and seminars to healthcare professionals and to counselling trainees but I will soon be holding seminars for anyone interested in counselling and therapy even if you aren't necessarily working in the field. If you are interested in attending upcoming lectures and seminars, please email me.


Waterloo counselling is easy to get to by bus, train and underground. You can find directions on the Practicalities page. This page also gives information on fees, and the first process of making contact. If you have any questions, all you need to do is contact me either by email or phone 07428939946.